SUMMARY: Children and youth connect their own experiences with natural and environmental sciences. They dive into topics such as the swell formation in storm centres thousands of kilometres away, the different seabeds that affect the waves we surf, and the admirable diversity of marine life along the coasts.We offer content studied in depth and supervised by specialists from different areas such as Oceanography, Marine Biology and Meteorology. 

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Aimed at surf stoked children and their families, it also becomes a resource for any surf school hoping to generate an integral education plan.

• A hardcover book with matte lamination and 120 colour pages full of stoke. High quality thick paper build to last (uncoated offset paper, 140 gsm), 100% sourced from sustainable forestry for your peace of mind. Printed in the Basque Country.

Book size: 20.6 x 22 cm.

Author & Editor/ Andrés Cosarinsky Campos

Art Director & Illustrator / Inês Fonseca

Andrés and Inês have worked hard for the complementarity and not redundant use of text and images to boost the main narrative and the children's imagination. The result is a book that is engaging for all ages. Each spread leads the eye around in a way that the younger ones will be able to appreciate and enjoy the book focusing on captivating illustrations and titles, while children from around 7 years old onwards will be able to get deeper into more informative texts to boost their curiosity. We know children open books in any page and also read from back to front. We made sure that any page they might open will be self-sustaining and enjoyable. We also believe a great children’s book is actually a great book for all ages, so we really believe it will become a great family book!


In early 2018, we started running ocean education workshops in partnership with PUKAS SURF ESKOLA - San Sebastian (Basque Country). The workshops are hosted at the Pukas-Hurley Surf Club.We created an innovative platform to make accessible all this dispersed and sometimes very technical knowledge while having fun. This integral educational plan centred in the participant (child or youngster) goes far beyond the classical surfing lesson.  


"When children can relate what they learn to their own experiences, their interest in life awakens, their memory is activated, and what they learn is made their own".

Rudolf Steiner

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We want children and youth to strengthen their bonds with the ocean.

Driven by curiosity, they are encouraged to explore how nature keeps the environment in balance and also allows us to surf.

By recognizing that we all have the power to generate a positive impact on the marine environment and between one another, youngsters will take responsibility for their actions.



We would like to hear from you and connect to boost ideas on behalf of ocean education & marine health.

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